Roundtables, Curating Ubiquity

Curating has become the domain of technologists who seek to classify, analyse, interpret, aesthetically evaluate and steward the circulation of visual culture, resulting in new systems which seek to automate aesthetic judgement. Perspectives from computer scientists, web entrepreneurs, curators and artists.

Machine Vision’s Visions, round table

In this conversation, Peter Bell, Tega Brain, Leonardo Impett anf Fabian Offert discuss the potential of machine vision to problematise its own curatorial practices and open them up to scrutiny.

Image Aesthetics at Scale, round table

A conversation with Markus Spiering and Bhautik Joshi, who have shaped visual culture through their work at leading technology companies including Flickr, Adobe, EyeEm and Industrial Light and Magic. Grounded in the practices of technologists and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, the discussion explores the ’social’ life of images as the technical infrastructures which sustain them. And the implications of computer scientists as increasingly significant ‘curators’ of photographic culture.