Institutional Contexts, programme

Two days of discussions with curators and institutional experts of photography and post-photography. The participants explored the histories of the concept as well as current practices and problems.

Monday 29th April, Curating Post-Photography: Histories & Institutional Contexts

Welcome, Irene de Mendoza (Foto Colectania)
Introduction to the workshop and the research, Dr Wolfgang Brückle & Katrina Sluis.

Presentations by:
– Paul Wombell (Independent Curator)
– Irene Mendoza (Foto Colectania)
– Clare Grafik (The Photographers’ Gallery)
– Marco De Mutiis (Fotomuseum Winterthur)

Tuesday 30th April, Curating Post-Photography: Practices & Provocations

Presentations by:
– Jon Uriate (Foto Colectania)
– Marta Ponsa (Jeu de Paume)
– Catherine Troilano (V&A)
– Doris Gassert (Fotomuseum Winerthur)
– Susanne Østby Sæther (Henie Onstad Kunstsenter)

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